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ML Haflinger Stud is a combination of Mosscarr Stud in Staffordshire and Langton Lodge Stud in Leicestershire.

Mosscarr Stud is the oldest Haflinger Stud in the UK breeding these wonderful Austrian horses for the last 40 years. Joanne Critchlow has a wealth of knowledge and expertise with regard to all stud work as well as training both horse and rider.

Langton Lodge Stud has been involved with Haflingers, either breeding, driving or riding, for over 20 years.

We have two stallions; Stylo Van De Edelweiss (Liz489NL GB62) and Wolontair (Liz498 GB63).

The two youngsters have both completed the mandatory Performance Test required of all stallions registered with Austria after 2009, Stylo in 2014 and Wolontair being placed 1st in 2015 by a large margin. They are now both entered into the highest breeding register, this makes their progeny elligible for inclusion in the breeding stud book.

We are dedicated to producing pure bred Haflingers from good blood lines using a majority of Elite mares therefore improving the breeding programme in the UK.

We offer AI as well as live covering. The welfare of all visiting mares is a top priority and to this end they are only covered under supervision and always with the stallion in hand. We offer both stabling for the mares or grass keep.

The doors of Mosscarr Stud and Langton Lodge Stud are always open, please see the contact page for details of how to get in touch.